Choosing Tile Suppliers

Seven Things Great Tile Contractors Do Differently

Tile With A Smile Salem Oregon Tile Contractor
  1. Right away they show you their license, bond and insurance information. Contractors trying to fly under the radar of the CCB will usually get nervous when you bring up licensing. Keep this in mind because you might get a screaming deal from an unlicensed contractor but when your shower fails and leaks, or tiles start falling off the wall there will be nothing you can do to force that contractor to cover his work.
  2. Ron will purchase the tile for you or at the very least advise you on the type of tile you should be looking for. You don’t want to end up with a tile that isn’t suited to your application. So, before you purchase your tile remember that tile quality varies. You might get an amazing deal from a big box store but that tile might be sub-par for your project.  It also could vary in size which could potentially cost you much more to have installed.
  3. Ron will write out a detailed contract. A great contractor will outline what kind of substrate preparation is necessary, various materials that will be needed, how long the job will take. Other details like the payment schedule and an outline of the warranty will be clear.
  4. Ron will provide you with a copy of his insurance certificate if you ask for it. Don’t assume that a tile contractor has insurance. If you ask for proof of insurance and it’s not provided for you move on to another contractor.
  5. You will receive a detail of exactly how many square feet of tile you will need and a detail of the various types and sizes of tile needed. Talk with your contractor about how the edges will be finished off, any decorative tiles you might be interested in, any insets, shelves, or benches you would like. Find some photos on pinterest or elsewhere of tile work that you like and notice all the different tiles and colors of tile included in that look. This will help your contractor know exactly the look you are going for and be able to measure correctly.
  6. Ron will know all about local permit laws. Whether or not you will need a permit for your tile project will vary from city to city. A good contractor will be very clear with you on the permits needed for your project and upfront about who will be pulling the permit and who will be paying for it.
  7. Ron will discuss grout options. The days of black, moldy grout are over! Finally. Your tile contractor should explain exactly any additives that might be mixed in your grout. There are a million options now for making certain that your grout never cracks or gets moldy. Make sure he is clear about what he is using, includes this in the contract and clarifies how the grout should be maintained.
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