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Albany Oregon - What Bathroom Remodeling Trends Are We Seeing in 2019?

What new and exciting trends can we expect in the coming years?

  • Wood in the bathroom?  Oh ya!
  • Marble, marble and more marble
  • Earth Tones, muted shades
  • Colored bathroom appliances – yes, brown, yellow, and grey toilets
  • Bathtubs are no longer just functional but ornamental
  • Matte Black fixtures
  • 3D pattern tiles
  • Subway tiles – but longer and narrower
  • Fish scale tile
  • Stenciled look tiles
  • Geometrics and patterns will continue to rise in popularity
  • Wood – yes wood in the bathroom
  • Contrasting textures
  • Mosaics

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As a tile contractor for the Albany Oregon area, we have seen our share of trends come and go.  The shiny tiles of the ’90s and have given way to matte and textured tiles in every color and shape.

The bright colors of those early years have given way to the greys and neutrals so popular today.

Curbless and zero threshold showers have become the look of the future.  With many homes today opting out altogether from having a bathtub at all.

What may explain these changes is the advancing age of many Oregonians.

A recent Census report showed that in Oregon, the number of people 65 years and older grew by 18 percent from July 2010 and July 2014.  

That’s a big jump.

The United States as a whole only saw an increase of 14.2 percent. What’s one possible explanation for this? Oregon has received some national attention as a retirement destination.

For Albany, this means a lot of people all in the same boat – they’re getting older.  Thousands are receiving their AARP invitations.  They’re all trying to figure out how to age well, and for many, how to age in place.

Aging in place here in Oregon

Tile With a Smile has been happily serving the Albany Oregon area in Linn Country for 20 years.

Considering a tub to tile conversion?  A zero threshold shower? Here is a mind-blowing fact.  For the first time ever, it may increase your property value to switch a bath to a shower.  

Real estate agents recommend having at least one bath in your home. But it doesn’t even need to be in the master anymore.  People aren’t taking as many baths anymore.

See if your bathroom could become a modern, spacious, new, spa-like shower.

Curious about how much a tub to tile conversion will cost?  Or the cost to replace a fiberglass shower with tile?  See our post here for the most recent price ranges for Marion and Linn county.

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