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Our 10 Step Hassle Free Bathroom Remodeling Process

After 20 years of installing tile and doing bathroom remodels in Salem Oregon we have come up with a step by step process that we like to follow.

I know from experience that home owners can get overwhelmed by all the decisions and choices involved in making major changes to their bathroom.

But don’t stress – Ron at Tile With a Smile is a bathroom remodeling superstar.  He can make the process easy, and help you every step of the way.

  1. Figure out your budget.
  2. Think about your style.  What style do you love?  What size and color of tile will work within that style?  Do you want to change the layout of your bath?
  3. Email Ron the exact measurements of your bathroom & some pictures to get a cost range, or set up an appointment for him to take a look at your space.
  4. The estimate is signed and a deposit is made.
  5. Our process is clearly explained in detail and time frame is discussed and scheduled.
  6. Any necessary building permits are discussed.
  7. Tile is picked out by the customer.
  8. Tile is picked up by Ron if necessary.
  9. Work is started with as little disruption to your family as possible.
  10. Daily clean up is done.

We realize having a construction zone in your home can be stressful.  Thats why we take precautions to keep your home clean and as dust free as possible during your bathroom remodel.

We promise that we will deliver high quality craftsmanship and stand behind our work.

Ron Hodgson



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