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Tile With A Smile ~ Here to the Rescue!!

Stop Beating Your Head Against the Wall When You Get Stuck On a Tile Project

At least 30% of the phone calls I receive are DIY SOS calls. Someone has started a DIY tile project and they’re desperate for help. Others, want to start a project, and need help working out the details.

There’s a new saying we’re hearing a lot these days – “YouTube made me do it“. It’s funny, but sometimes not so funny. You’re in the thick of the project, you have all your supplies and that stupid YouTube video left out a step. We’ve all been there!

Not too long ago I decided to switch out a faulty sensor on my car myself – big mistake! I wished I could call my mechanic and ask him a few questions.

If you find yourself in this position with tile installation – we’re here to help. We offer DIY SOS services. We can help walk you through any possible issue with the options below.

No judgements, no critiques. A pros help when you need it the most.

DIY SOS Tile Pro In Your PocketNo Question to Big, or too Small ~ That We Can’t Help With!

  • How to grout floor tiles.
  • How to tile a wall.
  • How to tile a floor.
  • How to lay ceramic tile.
  • Help with choosing the right tile.
  • How to lay bathroom tile.
  • How to tile a bathroom wall.
  • How to tile a shower
  • Steps to tiling a shower.
  • How to figure tile lay out.
  • How to measure for tile.
  • What grout you should NEVER use.

These are all questions that we have answered and helped people with.

We salute you DIY’er. You’re the industrious people out there buying Ikea cabinets. You get a rush out of putting them together. You google and search YouTube for everything. From unclogging the toilet to roofing your home.  It’s not always about saving a buck. It’s that sense of pride that comes from knowing you did it and you did it right.

Call the tile guy that’s on your side.

I’m here to help!

Happy Tiling!

Pay Now for a DIY SOS Call from Ron!

2 – 20 Minute Options:

DIY SOS – Call NOW.  A 20 minute call from Ron. He will call you within a 2 hour window of your purchase. If he doesn’t you will get your money back.

DIY SOS – Call ASAP.  A 20 minute call from Ron. He will call you within a 48 hour period. If he doesn’t you will get your money back.

DIY SOS Call Options

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