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Use this handy calculator to help calculate the square footage of your area.

This is by far the most asked question and the hardest to answer.

  1. First of all figure out your square footage. If you need help calculating square footage this website will help.
  2. Multiplying that by $9 - $12 for everything except of course your tile to get an idea of the range for your tile installation.
  3. Contact Ron with your calculated square footage and he can give you a better idea knowing exactly what the scope of your project includes.

Remember a lot depends on the size of your room, the type of project, the tile you choose, the pattern or lay out of the tile, existing conditions of the floor, etc.

The cost of ceramic tile plus installation is usually higher than other flooring options but because of it's durability, it's considered the least expensive in the long term.  It will, in many cases last as long as the home and increase your homes value.

Contact Ron here.

Once an invoice is signed and a deposit is received we will put you in our first available slot. Usually this is within 2 month period of the signed invoice.

Contact Ron now.

Wall tiles are not intended to be load bearing and are usually thinner, and softer. They are not intended to be used as floor tile.

Floor tiles on the other hand can be applied to walls without any problems.

You can find out quickly by going to this site.  

Or contact Ron with your measurements for help.

Not really.  Tile temperature is no different than anything else in the room.  It just holds it's temperature better.

You can always install a heat mat under your tile to make it temperature controlled.

An under-tile warming system costs $1,100 or more for a 10x10-foot bathroom. 

If you choose a light colored grout then a sealer is used to prevent "wear paths", and to make cleaning easier.

You are much better off using a grout in a medium or dark color to prevent this.

In a shower you usually have the opposite problem with soap scum accumulating in the grout lines.

Ask Ron about the variety of grout adhesive to prevent staining.

After a lot of trial and error I have learned that when it comes time to pick out your shower valve don't look any further than the Delta 1700 Series.

It is one of the most versatile kits on the market.  It allows you to set the temperature that you prefer and keep it there.  It also allows you to adjust the pressure.  The inner cartridge is easily replaceable.  It's an easy install for a plumber so there won't be any extra plumbing charges.  

For a typical shower you will need these parts:  Delta universal rough in valve assemblyDelta 1700 series cartridgeDelta 1700 trim kit, or Delta 1700 trim kit with wand attachment.

The simple answer is yes they do.  Have you ever put together a 5000 or even a 1000 piece puzzle?  How about a 50 piece puzzle?  Which one took you longer?  Need I say any more?

This is a question that comes up regularly because several of the plumbing fixtures that we recommend have some Amazon reviews that aren't perfect.  We have looked into them and have found that most of these reviews are based on the fixtures being installed incorrectly.  After discussing this with several plumbers we came to the conclusion that there are still no other products out there that have the ease of use, ease of installation, and ease of replacement if they fail.  We constantly continue to look for superior products will update our product list as necessary.

No. It is our policy to never finish what someone else started. The state of Oregon required that we provide a minimum of 1-year warranty. Since we didn't do all the work then we wouldn't be able to provide that warranty. We can remove what has been started and start from scratch.

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