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How to Install a Grab Bar for your Bathroom

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Grab bars are an essential part of the bathroom. They give you something to hold onto when you’re getting out of the shower or while standing at your toilet, and they can even help prevent falls. So, it’s a great idea to install a grab bar in your bathroom especially if you have elderly parent or a relative living with you. 

Grab bars aren’t just for senior citizens. Often older people don’t like them because of how they ‘look’. Maybe embarrassed that it makes them look old or incompetent. Every time we have talked someone into adding a grab bar they have thanked us and wish they had added one earlier.

In this guide we’ll be discussing grab bar installation in your bathroom that’s designed for showers. We’ll also cover how to purchase one, based on the measurements of your shower or tub enclosure so you get something that is both safe and sturdy.

Remember to always wear protective gear before attempting to install a grab bar. This article will show you everything that you need to know about installing a grab bar in any bathroom!


Choosing a Grab Bar

The first step is to choose grab bars that are appropriate for the space you’re installing them in. There are a few things to look for in a good grab bar.

1. Choose a sturdy grab bar

You want something sturdy enough to hold you, but not so heavy that it’s difficult to install in the first place. Look for bars made of stainless steel or brass if possible; these materials are very durable and will stay strong even when they get wet!

Plastic bars can also be great options because they tend to be lighter than metal ones. However, keep in mind that lightweight means less stable – try to find one with some weight on it at least.

2. Find one with grips

Make sure your grab bar has grips on either side so you don’t slip while using them! These should ideally have rubber padding on top as well as anti-slip tape along the bottom (if placed against tile).

They need to be able to hold your whole body weight, so they need to feel solid in the places you’ll mostly rely on them.

3. Find a multi-purpose gab bar

Grab bars are meant for more than just helping yourself up from a fall or keeping balance while showering; they can be of great assistance for our elderly parents to make them independent while ensuring their safety.

These can also help get out of bed with less risk of falling by giving you something stable and secure to hang onto!


Installing a Grab Bar in your Bathroom


1. Assemble the necessary tools for the job

Before you start installing a grab bar, make sure you have your supplies together. You should have the correct screws, anchors for drywall or studs if you are putting it into a wall, and possibly an electric drill with compatible bits to use on any hard surfaces that might need to be drilled through to place your anchor properly.

Grab bars can either screw straight into the wall studs or require mounting brackets. If you have wood walls then just go ahead and screw right into them but make sure they are sturdy enough first!

2. Pre-drill pilot holes

This is critical because you don’t want screws to go through your wallboard and protrude into the surface of your shower stall. Mark where you want it placed against the wall, then drill two holes on either side that are vertically aligned with one another.

Now take measurements from each hole over to where both lines come together and mark those points as well ensuring everything matches up perfectly!


3. Begin installing the grab bars

To start installing your grab bars, you will need to find a stud in the wall. Getting behind the drywall is generally pretty easy, but you may have some trouble if your walls are made of concrete, plaster or cinder block.

If this is what they’re built out of then grab bars for bathrooms might not be possible for you unless you hire someone who does it professionally with either special tools or more likely an epoxy-type substance that can hold up well enough until reinforcements can be done later on.

When installing grab bars in your bathroom, start by using a level along both lines and marking where each hole falls so that they line up perfectly!


Where to install a Grab Bar in the Bathroom?


1. Grab Bars for Bathtub/Shower

These can be installed on either side of your bathtub or shower enclosure. They help people get into and out of the tub or shower safely.


2. Grab Bars for Toilet Seats

Position two bars on the toilet wall—one aligned parallel to the floor and about 5 or 6 inches above the seat (this bar should be at least 32 inches long and extend at least 12 inches past the front of the bowl), and another bar perpendicular to the end of this horizontal bar. This bar should extend at least 16 inches above it and be screwed securely into the stud inside the wall.



Tips for Grab Bar Installation


1. Make good Measurements

Measure the width of the area you want to place it in before purchasing. If you purchase one too small or too big, it won’t be able to support your weight.

If you are using it for additional stability when entering or exiting the shower, make sure that the bar is installed at a height where it will provide adequate support and stability.


2. Make Sure it’s installed correctly!

Be careful with the shower grab bar installation. If not installed properly, grab bars can cause injury and damage property such as tiles and tubs due to falling into them when grabbing onto the bar while slipping, getting out of the shower, etc..


3. Choose the right Grab Bar for your needs

Make sure to choose a grab bar that is right for your needs. There are two main types of grab bars that you can install in your bathroom: free-standing and wall-mounted bars.

You need to decide which style best suits the purpose since the two types of bars are not interchangeable.




Avoid an unfortunate bathroom disaster by installing grab bars safely and at the correct height. It may be difficult, but it’s worth taking precautions when renovating your bathroom! You can install a grab bar in your bathroom yourself with the help of this guide but it’s better to use the services of a professional especially when your goal is to ensure the security of your loved ones! 

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