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Tile With A Smile - Making Remodeling Easy Peasy

Easy Peasy Process

1. Set Up Estimate

Call us. 503-851-8489 Tell us about your vision. Send us photos of your space. Send us photos that inspire you. Give us your measurements. Approximate cost is given over the phone or a measure is scheduled.

2. Accept Bid

Accept the bid by signing the estimate. Set up deposit payment.

3. Job is Scheduled

Start date is selected.

4. Supplies Gathered

We outline what products need to be bought by you and what is provided by Tile With A Smile in your Invoice. Now is the time to pick out & order your products (see below). Don't worry, we will help you through this process and even pick them up for you!

5. Install Completed

On your scheduled start date we will work quickly and professionally in your home. Construction area is clean and cleared at the end of each day.
Before you know it, you will have the bathroom of your dreams.
Tile With A Smile Confusion Guy

What Type of Tile Should You Look For?

There are so many shapes of tile - what's best for you?

  • Collect photos of what you like – what shape tile do you see?
  • Keep in mind – unusual shapes cost more for installation.
  • Are small tiles better for small bathrooms?  Not at all.  Also, small tiles cost more to install.
  • Look for porcelain tile – It’s harder!
  • Find a porcelain tile that has the same color on the sides as the face.  This saves on using expensive edging pieces.
Tile With A Smile - Do I need a plumber

What About Plumbing Fixtures?

Who is responsible for the plumbing fixtures? And what do I need?

  • We organize the plumber.
  • You select the fixtures
  • Collect photos of what you like – what color fixtures do you like?
  • If you select outside of our recommended list just let us know.
  • Keep in mind – off brands or foreign brands can cost much more for installation.
  • Select our recommended brand/style below for cheaper installation!

The Plumbing Process

For complete bathroom remodels we use Delta 1700 series.

To order your plumbing fixtures - start here!

Note: Some of the recommended fixtures don’t have perfect Amazon reviews.  This is because they are often not installed correctly. We have worked with many plumbers and all of them recommend these fixtures below.  See our FAQ on this issue here.

#1 Choose Your Shower Valve

Best Tub &
Shower Valve

Will you need a shower only or tub/shower valve?

Best Shower Only Valve

#2 Select Cartridge

Best Cartridge - 17 Series with Anti-Scald

This cartridge comes with limits to keep the water from reaching scalding temperatures.
Find PDF manual and instructions here.

#3 Choose Trim Kit

Best Tub &
Shower Hardware

Or, add a handheld shower head

Our Recommended Accessories

Using our preselected products saves time and keeps the cost of installation down.

Marble Shelves

Corner shelving for storage - Choose 1 or multiple.

Best All White Marble Corner Shelf

Best Grey & White Marble Corner Shelf

Ventilation System

Inferior ventilation is the #2 reason for bathroom mold. #1 is an improperly installed shower.

Best super quiet fan without a light.

Best super quiet fan with a light.

Other recommended accessories

Some of our happy customers favorite products they can't live without.

Humidity Sensor Switch

Squeegy for cleaning glass and/or shower floor edges.

Call us now to schedule a free consult - 503.851.8489

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