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Tub to Shower Conversions

Tile With A Smile Salem Oregon Tile Installer TUB TO SHOWER BEFORE AND AFTER

 Make the Switch Now

One of the most dramatic changes we see in our line of work is a tub to tile conversion. It literally opens up a bathroom and makes it feel so much bigger that customers are in awe when they see the final result.

The truth is less and less people are taking baths these days.

Converting a tub to a shower can be a good option if you are one of those families that only prefer taking showers. On a side note replacing a tub with a shower isn’t a good idea if you’re planning on selling your home and you don’t have another tub. Families with small children who are buying homes are looking for tubs and it could hurt your resale value.

65% of homeowners like and want to have stall showers with no tub. Having a bathtub remodel & making it a shower, your home is more desirable and potentially increases your ability to sell, should you need to.



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