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How Smart Bathroom Devices Can Upgrade Your Throne Room

By December 13th, 2023No Comments

What Are Smart Home Devices?

Your home is a hot bed for new technologies and integrated communications. Every month and every week there seems to be a new device on the market that improves the use and functionality of all the aspects of your physical house and the appliances in it. From smart refrigerators, doorbells, and security cameras, to smart showers and HVACs, every functional feature of your home devices are connecting to your home network to give you the ability to monitor and control the entire environment, comfort, and utility of your house.

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These upgrades are a great way to improve the value of your home and the benefits you receive from your home on a daily basis. For example, when you want to check on the items in your frig, you can pull up the camera built into the door. If you feel inclined to see what your animals are up to, you can access a room camera. If you want to warm up your home in a cold month before you get home, you can raise the temperature before you leave work. Great control means greater efficiency. You can safe on utilities, electric, gas, and water, which means you will save on money month after month.

Why Invest In A Smart Bathroom?

The smart devices appear to be introduced to the market room by room. First the smart kitchen, then the smart living room, and subsequently the smart security, entered the market. Each has a distinct utility and product development. However, the common thread is that they all can connect to your home network and improve the entire functionality of your home.

A smart bathroom is just the next extension of the smart household. Think of all of the different features and appliances in your bathroom. A short list could contain: shower, tub, faucets, lights, moisture vent, toilet, mirrors, and any other function your specific bathroom has. With the upgrades of smart devices to your bathroom you can monitor and control water usage, temperature, moisture, plumbing issues, and lighting. This can and will help keep your bathroom functions running more efficiently so that you can identify mechanical issues and save money.

What Are Some Types Of Smart Bathroom Devices?


The list of smart devices for the bathroom is constantly growing over time. So, the lost below is preliminary and most likely outdated as soon as it is published. But in here you will find potential improvements and fantastic digital features to significantly improve the quality of life in your bathroom and the value and desirability of your home as a whole.

  • Smart Bidet Toilets
  • Smart Digitally Controlled Mirrors
  • Smart Showers With Temperature Control & Off/On features
  • Smart Lights With Off/On And Intensity Controls
  • Smart Moisture Fan Vents With Moisture Sensors And Timers

Any and all of these upgrades to your bathroom will have positive benefits to your living environment. Better control and accessibility means you know when you need contractor or mechanical help, and where you could improve further your home efficiency and cost savings.

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What Is A Smart Bidet Toilet Seat?

Noted above is the smart toilet improvement for the bathroom. But what possibly could be the advantages to including a smart toilet in your bathroom? That seems questionable, right? Well, let’s discuss the issues surrounding your non-smart throne. What problems are there?

  • They Function Solely At Your Mercy
  • They Can’t Sense A Clog
  • They Can’t Sense How Much Water To Use
  • They Can’t Sense When To Flush
  • They Can’t Keep You Clean
  • They Can’t Keep Themselves Smelling Fresh
  • They Can’t Keep You Comfortable And Happy

Let’s be real. Your current toilet does a great job because it was built purely for functionality. Its primary purpose is to remove waste from your house quickly and efficiently through the waste plumbing system. That is it. There is no other real benefit or purpose to the toilet, except if your dog uses it as a water bowl, or for the occasional dead fish funeral.

Don’t you just love modern science?

Why Do We Need More Than Pure Functionality?

However, that isn’t how we buy and shop anymore. So, why not improve on a design that hasn’t been changed for decades? If we only bought for purely functionality then cars wouldn’t have radios (radios don’t aid in transportation), microwaves wouldn’t have a popcorn button (it would just have an on/off switch), and everything would have a dull tan or white color. So boring. It’s been the 21st century for two decades already. Let’s chat about improving one of our most prized personal experiences.

What Are The Benefits Of A Smart Bidet Toilet Seat?

Don’t just sit there helpless while mindless reading the back of a bottle of conditioner or mindlessly scrolling the new posts on Reddit. Have a more pleasurable experience. This is a moment of quiet contemplation. Reflect on the day. Think about the future. Bask in your greatness. Make the experience what you want it to be with improved and added functionality of your throne with a smart toilet or smart bidet toilet seat. Here are some of the added features and benefits of upgrading your toilet.

Automatic Flushing

With automatic flushing you don’t have to wave at a sensor that won’t activate or spread germs on a handle. You won’t have to touch anything. You just sit down, relax, and get up.

Overflow Protection

When there is a clog the worst and horrendous fear is that the water will start to overflow. Sheer terror strikes as that water level slowly begins to climb. With overflow protection the toilet knows when to stop delivery water to the bowl and protects you from cleaning dirty water off your bathroom floor.

Water Savings

Do you know how much water your toilet needs to flush? There are industry standards for each model, but this could change based on your personal environmental conditions. A smart toilet can gauge the necessary water to avoid a clog so not to underuse or over use a costly utility.

Massaging Bidet Wash

You’ve never felt true cleanliness until you’ve experienced a bidet. Bidets are standard in 80% of the world. That number says something. They are growing in popularity and are being incorporated into new and remodel construction projects everywhere.  If you want the cleanest post toilet experience of your life look into a smart bidet toilet seat.

Heated Seating

How many times have you sat down and the chill of the seat makes you uncomfortable for a moment. Why not stay comfortable and relaxed? Let your checks enjoy the moment with a little warmth just like sitting and driving in the car.


Toilets get dirty. That is a fact of life. Any additional features that help with cleaning will help with time management and general attitudes towards your bathroom. The cleaner appliances are the more likely you will use them and enjoy them. Who wouldn’t like a little hands free cleaning help?

Tank Leak Sensors

Do you even know how to check to see if your tank is leaking? If your tank is leaking that means you are wasting water and at risk for a more catastrophic failure. Tank leak sensors give you the heads up to get the tank sealed and squared away so you can rest assured your water is secure.


Potpourri, air freshener spays, essential oil outlet diffusers, these are all used to help mask the odor of the toilet waste. Why not integrate the two so that you have a more controlled situation? They can gauge when to emit the odor or do it on a regular basis without the need for you to separately manage it.


At 2 am no one wants to be blinded by the full intensity of the overhead lights. Most often you just need enough to do your business and get back to bed without loosing the grasp of that dream. A built in nightlight gives you the hope that you don’t even need to turn on the overhead light.

Air Dryer

For that extra bottom touch after a treatment from the bidet you can be air-dried. With this combination you won’t ever need to use toilet paper, another cost savings. This also significantly reduces the chances of clogs by eliminating overuse and waste.

Can I Install A Smart Bidet Toilet Seat Myself?

Requirements for installation completely depend on the types and models of the toilet that you want. This is the same with all digital smart home devices. There are a few major considerations that you will need to think about before embarking on a question of DIY.

  1. Does it require any electrical rewiring?
  2. Is there any advanced plumbing involved?
  3. Does there need to be any structural changes to the room?
  4. Are you doing this as part of a general upgrade to the room or house?
  5. Does any aspect of the job require an inspection?

Granted, not all of these questions apply to a smart toilet. Many smart toilets require electricity. However, some run off batteries. It all depends on the number of features included in the model. If a bidet is part of the model you will need to run water to the nozzle.

So, if you are fully comfortable in completing some electrical and light plumbing work, then it could be a DIY job. However, often, when there is a replacement toilet involved the entire plumbing needs to be analyzed to maker sure all of the outlets will work in coordination. Take stock in your abilities and how much you depend on your toilet working correctly each time. Your time might be better spent on the couch than on the bathroom floor with a wrench and a plunger.


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