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The Must Have Magical Shower Glass Cleaner

By December 13th, 2023No Comments
How to keep your shower glass clean

Is a Squeegee Really the Best Shower Glass Cleaner?

I know, you’re busy.  Fussing with a squeegee and a shower glass cleaner every single time you shower can seem like a major pain.  Especially at first, when you’re not used to adding this small detail to your everyday showering routine.

However, consider why this is such an important step.

Hard water is high in minerals such as calcium and magnesium.  When that hard water mixes with your soap, it can leave stains on your shower glass = hello soap scum!

No hard water where you live?  You still have minerals in your water that can build up over time.

What makes soap scum so harmful to the glass? Glass is porous, and will allow those hard water minerals to seep into the glass over time and cause corrosion.  Regular shower glass cleaning is the best way to prevent that corrosion and keep your glass looking good for many years to come.

Mildew is another beast that can creep into your bathroom if you’re not careful.  Bathrooms are a perfect breeding ground for mildew.  It can start to grow quickly if preventive measures are not taken.

Where to Start? What is the best way to keep your shower glass cleaner and mildew free?

Keeping Your Shower Glass Clean

1. Choose Glass with a Coating

Make sure you choose a glass that has a protective coating to prevent hard water and soap scum issues.  This is called a hydrophobic coating.  Most shower door companies will have this option available to you.  The type of coating will vary depending on where the door company gets its glass.

Call your installer to find out exactly what type of coating your glass has so that you can treat it properly.  If it doesn’t have this it will need much more overall maintenance and will likely have to be replaced sooner.  We recommend adding a coating yourself if your glass doesn’t have it.  You will save yourself a ton time cleaning if you do.

EnduroShield hydrophobic home shower treatment is the only treatment that we recommend.

For more information on hydrophobic coatings click HERE.

"It is easier to prepare and prevent
than to repair and repent." Ezra Taft Benson

2. Use the squeegee

Even if your shower glass does have a protective or hydrophobic coating, it will still require maintenance.  It will get a build up of soap scum that is very hard to remove once it’s dry.  Using a squeegee every day keeps the shower glass cleaner and prevents soap scum build-up.  Don’t worry, it’s not that time-consuming and will quickly become a habit by everyone who uses the shower.

To keep your shower glass clean make sure to squeegee soon after you’ve finished our shower.  Start from one of the top corners and put slight pressure onto the squeegee as you drag it down the glass.  The water will run down the glass as you pull.  Repeat this, overlapping the area you just dried by one or two inches, until you have all of the water removed.

Click here to see how-to clean your shower glass on youtube.

If you live in an area where you have very hard water or, you use a well, you will need to take greater steps to ensure your shower glass stays clean.  We recommed using awater/vinegar solution as a shower glass cleaner and leaving it on the glass for several minutes.

Click here to see our recommendations for the best squeegee.

If your shower glass is coated with EnduroShield then your warranty covers the coating for 10 years but it must be maintained to the companies recommendations.  If you purchased your glass panel through us click here to see the companies cleaning instructions.

3. Vinegar and Water

This is a super inexpensive shower glass cleaner.  And probably the best.  Don’t feel like you have to purchase espensive (and possibly unhealthy) cleaners for daily cleaning.  In fact, harsh chemicals will actually break down your hydrophobic coating, leaving your shower glass unprotected.

Just keep a small spray bottle handy and spray the water and vinegar onto the glass, let it sit for up to five minutes then remove with warm water.  Follow this up with your squeegee to get all the water off.  One or two tablespoons in a medium spray bottle is all you need.

Click here to see a nice looking spray bottle to keep in your shower for everyday use.

See our Blog Post on the Best Way to Clean Your Tile here.

4.  Commercial Shower Glass Cleaners

If you have a coating on your glass then you would never want to use any harsh cleaning products on your glass.  Stick with the vinegar and water mix or a mild dish washing detergent at most.  NEVER use any rough, gritty, abrasive, highly acidic or alkaline cleaners as they may damage the protective coating.  This would include products such as Comet, Ajax, baking soda.

For the Enduroshield coating the only tested shower glass cleaners are:


Green Works Natural Glass & Surface Cleaner

Clean Shower Daily Shower Cleaner

Mr. Clean Magic Earaser when damp

4. Install a Good Fan with a Timer

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of having a good ceiling fan that moves plenty of air out of the room.  After doing a ton of research on the subject we recommend a minimum of 290 CFM.  A fan that powerful though can be quite loud so it’s important that you also pay close attention to the sones rating.  Look for something 2.0 or less.

Click here to see our #1 recommeded ceiling fan that is both powerful and quiet for a small to medium sized bathroom.

5. Leave the Fan On and the Door Open.

Leaving the door open will help air to circulate and aid in water eveporation.  This will help to prevent mildew build-up in other areas of the bathroom.  If you do have a venting fan make sure it’s turned on before your shower and leave it on after your shower for at least 30 minutes to move out all of the trapped moisture.

Click here to see the timer we recommend to make sure your bathroom is well vented after each shower.

Importance of a good shower fan

Do you have more questions about shower glass cleaning?

Feel free to contact us here at Tile With A Smile🙂



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