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Curbless Shower

Three of the Most Common Curb-less Shower Problems

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The Most Common Issues with Curb-less Showers

Doesn’t water escape while you’re showering?  You might think so but actually, a properly designed and installed curb-less shower does not.  What about temperature?  Aren’t curb-less showers cold?  A curb-less shower doesn’t always mean no door.  Most of our customers who choose to not have a door say they don’t notice much if any difference in the temperature.  Aren’t zero-threshold showers expensive to have installed?  It’s true a curb-less shower will cost you more for the labor but most of our customers expressed surprise – thinking it would be thousands of dollars more.

There are plenty of reasons to go with a curbless shower for your home. You may like the extra space it gives you, you may like the ease of access, or you may just like the look of it.

We want you to make sure that a curbless shower is right for you.  Here are some answers to your biggest questions about a zero threshold shower.

Doesn’t water escape while you’re showering?

This is probably the biggest concern for most people – ‘Won’t water spill all over the bathroom floor if I don’t have a curb or threshold?’

The short answer is no.

If you have a proper shower design and installation, you shouldn’t have any problems. A properly installed curb-less shower will have a floor slope of about 1½ to 2”. This prevents the water from spilling out all across the bathroom and is essential for draining. If you want to be extra sure, there are a number of options to reduce outside water even further.

Solutions to Curb-less shower issues

Glass Partition or Wall?  

Some people are fine with a single glass wall with the shower at one end. Others want the shower fully encased.

An easy middle-ground is to add a glass door. This will help keep heat in while you’re showering.  At the same time, it keeps the streamlined, open look of the curb-less shower.

What if you have concerns about privacy? If that is the case then a partition wall may e the answer for you.  You can do a partial wall with opaque glass or a full wall. There are a variety of beautiful options in opaque glass designs so that you’ll be covered while you shower.

Worried about being cold?

Consider a heated floor.  Yes, a heated tile floor right in your shower is a great way to keep those cold nights from intruding on your shower. Even if you are in the dead of winter, this will raise the temperature by several degrees.

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Contractors and Compliance

I have heard story after story of someone having trouble with an install because they didn’t do their homework. Whether it is proper tile installation or installing for ADA compliance, a curb-less shower has a host of difficulties to be aware of. The more you know, the happier you will be. Here are some of the best things to remember before you start your install.

ADA Compliance: If your roll in or curbless shower is being designed to fit ADA compliance, make sure you are well-versed in what that means. There are full guidelines available online through the Department of Justice. This will help ensure that you and your contractor are building a safe, quality curbless shower while still designing it with the look and feel that you want. Grab bars and seats are of particular note, but be sure to browse the ADA’s guidelines fully if you feel unsure.

Proper Install: There are certain things your curb-less shower needs. A sloping floor is a necessity (otherwise the water really will get everywhere). Everything from concrete slabs to shower pans can become a nightmare if not handled correctly. You also want to make sure that all the seams are properly sealed so you aren’t getting unnecessary leakage under the floor. Tile installation is especially important. Improper grouting and joints means your tiles won’t be well-bonded, and this can also lead to serious damage done the line.

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Let the Professionals Help You

If you are worried about tile installation, curb-less showers, or any of the above issues, look no further. I have been tiling in Salem, Oregon for over 20 years, and I’ve seen and worked on it all. Whether it is concerns or advice, I can field it all. Feel free to call me at (503) 851-8489.



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