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How To Clean a Bathroom: A Step By Step Guide

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Are you someone who always wants a nice and tidy bathroom that smells good but never feels like cleaning it? Well, you’re not alone. 

We understand that cleaning a toilet takes a lot of hard work. Nobody is going to do it for us so we need to understand how to clean a bathroom. 

It definitely seems like an impossible task with so many different parts of the bathroom to clean. That’s why, we’ve compiled an easy, step by step process to help you clean your bathroom. We’ve put together 7 tips for you to keep your bathroom clean for a long time to save you a lot of trouble.


7 Steps to clean your bathroom easily:

Here’s how you can clean your bathroom fast and efficiently using this 7 step process.

1. Decluttering And Sweeping

The very first step is to remove everything from your bathroom. There shouldn’t be any accessories left either on the countertop or shower so that you can clean your bathroom easily. Now, grab a dry duster and sweep the toilet seat, shower, sink, floor, and fan. 

2. Cleaning The Toilet

Cleaning the toilet is most people’s least favorite part, so let’s start with it. Follow these steps to get a germ free and white toilet. Plus, make sure that every brush and cloth is disinfected and rinsed first so that they can be used for cleaning. 

  • Grab a bathroom cleaner and spray it all over the toilet from top to the base of the toilet seat. Make sure you spray it over and under the lid and to the handles.
  • Pour the toilet bowl cleaner in the bowl and leave it for 30 minutes.
  • Here is an additional step, use an enzyme cleaner to spray at the base of the toilet seat and the surrounding floor. If you see stubborn stains on the bottom of the toilet, then sprinkle some scrub powder there. Leave it for a few minutes then give it a wipe with a cloth.
  • Wipe the toilet seat with a cotton or paper cloth.
  • Then clean the toilet bowl along with the rim, with the bowl brush, after that flush the toilet.
  • You can use a toothbrush and scrub the small and hidden areas of the toilet seat properly.
  • Lastly, disinfect all the brushes, cotton clothes, and the bowl cleaner. 

3. Cleaning The Shower Area, Tiled Walls, And Glass Door

The shower area consists of tiled walls, glass walls, containers, and the shower head itself. Moreover, remember that glass panels unlike some tiled walls cannot be brushed with a harsh cleaner or scrub; otherwise, it can scratch the glass. 

  • For wiping the tiled walls and ceilings, you can use any disinfectant, or soapy water. Spray it all over the tiles and let it sit for a few minutes. Then use a sponge or scrub brush, and scrub the surface.​​Then rinse. 
  • For the glass wall, make sure that you have a protective hydrophobic coating for your glass wall. We recommend adding a coating yourself if your glass doesn’t have it.  You’ll save yourself a ton of time cleaning if you do. EnduroShield hydrophobic home shower treatment is the only treatment that we recommend.
    Even after a protective coating, it will still require maintenance. Make sure to use squeegee after every shower to keep your glass looking clean for years to come.
  • For the shower head, make a mixture of vinegar and water. Soak the shower head in it for some hours or overnight if it’s clogged. Spray the same mixture on shower faucets and the containers, wipe them with a sponge. In contrast, use brushes to clean out the showerhead. After all, rinse every part with warm water. 
  • Additionally, if your shower area includes curtains, make sure to take them off and wash them with detergent. 

4. Cleaning The Bathtub

Tub clearing inevitably gives you back pain but believe me, it’s worth it. Just think of a nice and warm bath to get rid of that unwanted pain. Here’s what we would suggest you do.

  • Make a mixture of vinegar and liquid soap, give it a shake and spray it all over the tub and faucet. Don’t leave the exterior of the tub and its surroundings.
  • Then grab a cloth or sponge with soft bristles, scrub the tub from one end to another.
  • After you get rid of stains, give the tub a nice rinse.
  • Lastly, you can dry it with a dry cotton cloth. 

5. Cleaning The Sink, Mirror, And Counter

A dirty and blurry mirror seems very annoying. That’s why keeping these areas neat must be your priority. This is one of the most dirty areas in your house so it’s better to clean it once every three to four days.

  • Starting off with the sink, pour some baking soda into your sink and let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes
  • Meanwhile spray the mixture of water, soap, and disinfectant over the counter, faucets, and the cabinets. You can also clean the inside of cabinets with this mixture as well but empty them first. Plus, here is a handy suggestion: do not use vinegar or any harsh cleaner over the marble counter, since it can damage it.
  • Now wipe the sink, faucets, counter, and cabinets with wet clothes and brushes.
  • On the other hand, soap the containers with regular dishwashing soap and rinse them with water.
  • For the mirror, spray the mixture of vinegar and water over a clean cloth and rub it on the entire mirror. You can also go for a microfiber cloth and mirror cleaner. After that, you can wipe the mirror with dry paper for extra shine. 

6. Cleaning The Bathroom Exhaust Fan 

Coming to the bathroom fan that gets dusty with time and if you don’t clean it on a regular basis, mold and mildew can grow in it. That’s why, it’s better to clean it once a month.

  • For this, either use a duster to sweep it or a vacuum cleaner to pull off the dust.
  • Then pat the fan with the mix of soap and water and let it dry.
  • Make sure you switch it off first. Plus, the water must not touch the innards of the fan. 

7. Cleaning The Bathroom Floor 

The bathroom floor gets many stubborn stains over time. Thus, it is a better option to clean it regularly and sterilize it appropriately once every one or two weeks. 

  • To do so, sweep the bathroom floor first. You can sprinkle scrub powder or baking soda over the areas with hard water strain, leave it for a few minutes.
  • Then you can spray the mixture of water, disinfectant, and soap over the floor and mob. In contrast, you can soak the mob in the mixture, wrench it till it stops dripping, then mop the floor.
  • After that, you can use a wide and dry cloth to dry the floor. 


7 Tips To Keep Your Bathroom Clean 

Now that you have cleaned your bathroom properly, you would definitely want to relax a bit. But, cleaning a bathroom once and keeping it clean are two seperate things. Because in three to four days it’ll get dirty again.

Nevertheless, what if I say, you’ll not need to do it again, not even in two weeks. Well, that’s absolutely possible but for this, you’ve to shake a leg and follow the below-mentioned tips:

1. Wipe The Bathroom Regularly

First of all, make a habit of wiping up the toilet seat, sink, counter, bathtub, and floor after using them or before going to bed. Just rinse them with water and dab them with a cloth. This sole act will bring a noticeable change.

2. Throw Trash In The Trash Can

Keep a trash can in your bathroom. If you see any wrapper or hair strands on the floor, counter, or anywhere in the bathroom, just throw them in the dustbin. I suggest you make it a habit to empty the trash in our bathroom constantly. It just makes the bathroom look cleaner when the trash isn’t overflowing.

3. Use Different Cloths For Wiping Specific Areas Of The Bathroom 

Don’t use the same cloth for cleaning various parts of your bathroom. Specifically, never use the cloth or brush you use for tidying up the toilet anywhere else. That cloth and brush must be placed individually. This way, you’ll not transfer the germs and the strange odor won’t spread all over the bathroom. Buy several pieces of cloth and specify them for cleaning different parts. 

4. Use Liquid Soap

A soap bar can cause a mess on the countertop. A better substitute is a liquid soap. It’ll also prevent the transmission of germs and bacteria. Keep it in a hanging tray or dish. If it drips, use some paper towels and give it a good wipe.

5. Use Containers And Holders

Keeping bathroom supplies in containers and holders will help keep your bathroom organized, and it’ll be easier to do things when you need them. Don’t forget to wipe and disinfect containers regularly after using them. 

6. Keep The Bathroom Dry

Lastly, keeping your bathroom dry keeps bacteria and mold from growing, which looks bad and is extremely unhealthy.

Following these guidelines will keep your bathroom tidy and healthy . So that your bathroom will look tidy and healthy every time you open the door and you won’t have to deep clean it every few days.  


The Bottom Line 

If you keep your bathroom clean, you won’t have to use up a lot of time on cleaning it every few days. It’ll become a part of the routine and it’ll be quick and easy to maintain it. 

We’ve put together this article to make bathroom cleaning easy and long lasting for you. Don’t hesitate if there’s something you’d like to add to this information, write us your suggestions. If you ever need to remodel your bathroom, reach out to us first for a free consultation.

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